Amazon Prime Day members ran into a few issues!

According to many Amazon users were spending most of their shopping time being delivered cute dog ads offering "an apologetic message".

Apparently the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day ran into a few snags. Several people were accessing the site that the renowned tech company's site couldn't handle all the traffic. Consumers were left with a refreshed site that said "Uh-oh. Something went wrong on our end." Since we live in the 21st Century, people took to social media to express their complaints. I was one of these Amazon Prime Members! I started to shop last night and I couldn't even search an item, let alone buy anything. I thought it might be my internet acting up, but everything else was working! I gave up and tried again late in the evening and was able to get through.

Amazon Prime Day is a huge "holiday" for Amazon. According to the company anticipated reaching just over $3.4 billion in sales this year, over the previous year of $2.4 billion. I don't know about you but that is quite the holiday goal! Even with the glitch it didn't seem to slow down Amazon's continuation of being an online retailer and boosting it's prime memberships!

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