When my kids were little, we always make a big deal out of Halloween. Every year we would throw a big Halloween party for all of their friends and their friends parents. It was epic. There was Halloween themed food, insane costumes and my house was always decorated like a haunted house.

One year, I decorated my house so good and so authentically haunted, a little boy told his mom that I wasn’t a very good housekeeper. He said everything was too dusty and had so many cobwebs that she should teach me how to clean. Which, if I’m to be completely honest, was kinda true. Let’s just say that I enhanced the dust and cobwebs that were already there.

Being involved in theatre, my kids always had easy access to all sorts of great costumes and make-up. Halloween, mainly because of the dressing up, was one of our favorite times of yer. It marked the start of all of the holiday season for us.

My kids loved everything scary because they knew it was all pretend. The scary people were just actors, the special effects weren’t real, they were pretend. They always wanted to dress up as scary characters.

One of their favorite movies was, and still is, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think each of them dressed up like Jack for Halloween, at least once. Back then I had to pull together a costume. There was no internet or Amazon. The Disney Store, in Indianapolis, didn’t even have a lot of costumes, even princess costumes, back then. Like the shops at Disney World, they mainly carried toys and accessories.

But NOW, parents have the Disney Store right at their fingertips AND Amazon has made it even easier to get everything Disney, that you want, as fast as you want. Amazon has a secret Disney Store. It’s really only a secret because nobody really knows about it.

This is what my family, especially now, with a princess loving granddaughter, has wanted for a long time. Now even MORE Amazon boxes will be arriving at her house.

To get you started, let’s shop Halloween! Here are some things I really liked.

Ship for more things at Amazon’s Disney Store HERE.

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