Surely, I can't be the only to remember this obscure 90's treat!

I'm beginning to think I'm going crazy trying to convince everyone that a snack called "Yo-Gel" existed. This isn't like the scenario of a bunch of people remembering Sinbad playing a genie in a movie. I clearly remember buying Yo-Gel.

I should probably explain what Yo-Gel actually is. Yo-Gel was a snack that was sold in singles at certain grocery stores. It consisted of gelatin on top, and once you got through that, the bottom was yogurt, thus forming the marriage known as Yo-Gel. And it was awesome. I can still taste the lime-flavored gelatin and strawberry yogurt. I have fond memories of getting it after school.

So why is it that I am the only person to remember it?! Why were so many people deprived of this delicious concoction? And before anyone says "Are you sure you aren't thinking about Go-Gurt?" I'm going to politely ask you to get the f*** out my face with that. I know what Go-Gurt is! And like I mentioned earlier, this isn't the "Mandela Effect." Yo-Gel was a real thing:


That is the actual trademark info for Yo-Gel. The site above also says that Yo-Gel was discontinued 14 years ago, which is probably why you can't find it anymore. Basically, does anyone else remember this or am I completely alone in enjoying this obscure delicacy?

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