All the hotels might be booked, but you aren't out of luck!


Evansville is one of the best places to view the solar eclipse because we are going to get very close to totality. This means that people from all over will be heading to the Tri-State to try to see this monumental phenomenon. However, finding lodging can be a bit rough. As our report found out, there are no hotel rooms left in Evansville.

This doesn't mean you are completely out of luck as there are still some other options available for lodging. Here are a couple of them:


While people may turn to AirBnB when visiting bigger cities, Evansville has a few rooms that are still open during the eclipse. These rooms range from fully furnished guest rooms to a backyard pagoda. There is certainly something that will fit any budget. You can check out a list of available rooms by clicking here.


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We've got tons of campgrounds here in the Evansville area. Sure, you might not be staying at a five star hotel, but you can connect with nature, before you witness the eclipse. If anything, it might actually make you appreciate the eclipse more, since you've been sleeping outside the past few nights.

Most of these campgrounds also have room for RVs so if you like to camp in style, you can be accommodated. You can find a list of the best camping sites here.

Truck Stops

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It might not be glamorous, but sleeping in your vehicle is always an option. Just pull up to one of our truck stops and stay a while. If you need to shower, they have them inside. And this is the start of a perfect story for later in life. You can tell everyone how you slept in your car to get the best view of the eclipse. You might also find love along the way because doesn't that sound like the start to every romantic comedy?

No matter what you decide to do, you do have options for viewing the eclipse here in Evansville! Good luck!