2011 so far has been filled with a number of great releases from the pop powerhouses of today. Gaga, Kesha and Katy Perry, all hot in my book, have released great tracks that you can hear on-air or online here on 106.1 KISS-FM. All compliments aside, I just have a question for them, what were you thinking with your latest videos?

Ke$ha - Blow

This one started off the year of the  WTH? videos, Ke$ha's "Blow" had two of the items in the title of this post contained within the video: Unicorns and James Van Der Beek. Ke$sha fighting JVDB in a club containing Unicorns...please tell me this isn't my generation's "November Rain."

Lady GaGa - Born This Way

Unicorns and Aliens, well, mainly dancing aliens make up the gist of this video. That's about it. After the awkward birthing sequence (who would have thought birthing sequence could be used to describe a major part of a major artist's music video?) it goes into pretty typical pop artist music video fare: dancing and lip-syncing. What this video is good at is creating interesting looks on people who are watching the video. For a good laugh, play this video for someone who has never watched it and watch/record their face; it's usually a look of disgust, fear, shock and finally they start bobbing their head because the beat has finally seeped into their brain.

Katy Perry - E.T.

Katy Perry making this list really shocked me. We're all used to her dancing around in skimpy outfits in her videos (I'm not dogging this fact, I'm actually ok with this) however her latest video, E.T. has her going all "Avatar" on us. Best of all, Kanye West is her love interest. Great, the next big summer tune of 2011 is about getting down with aliens. Awesome.

So, as you can tell, 2011 is off to a great start if you are into weird videos. What do you think, is this the next big progression is pop music videos? I'm all for a laugh so please bring on the mythological and supernatural creatures in all pop videos. Imagine, Kanye West as a Pegasus or The All-American Rejects all as Griffins, that's the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle (thank you wikipedia). If the whole alien and mythological creature craze catches on, the music videos of 2011 will be able to top Monster Magnet's Space Lord:

Yes, I went there.

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