Adam Levine visited the 'TODAY' show this morning (Nov. 15), looking quite dapper in a suit. He was certainly a sharp-dressed man, as he talked the friendly rivalries and faux feuds that power 'The Voice.' He also remained firmly tight-lipped about that rumored Sexiest Man Alive nod from PEOPLE.

Working backward, when asked about the fact that he was short-listed for the pop culture prize, he joked, "I don't believe you."

Levine was asked if he would be excited about the resume builder that is the Sexiest Man Alive nod. He said, "No…yes!" He was being coy and would not give up any of the goods.

Well, you know, that class act known as George Clooney did reference his SMA accolade during his Oscar speech. It's a big deal, and Levine is about to join pretty esteemed company, if he is indeed crowned as such.

Regarding 'The Voice,' the feuding is not real. It's all in good fun!

"We never really got irritated with each other," Levine said. "It was more kind of like, we get competitive. We're all competitive, but it's all in a friendly way. There's no actual animosity. No, I’m not fighting with Blake. We're homies, we're friends. It's all good. We're just messing with each other to that degree because we're so close."

And that's that! No wars on 'The Voice.'

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