You go Adam Hill! He totally rips Joan Rivers a new one!

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

I love Adele, and am a huge fan of hers.  Nothing irritates me more than when people make comments about her weight.  Quit dwelling on her weight, even though she isn't your typical stick skinny pop star, I think she's gorgeous and I don't think needs to lose a single pound.  Also she has a voice that is unparalleled by most artists today. Just last week on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' Joan Rivers decided to make some truly distasteful remarks about Adele's weight Comedian Adam Hill didn't find these remarks funny, and he LAID into her on his show.

I have to say it's annoying when all I hear is people talking about Adele's weight and cracking jokes, Adam Hill makes an awesome point when he says "Adele is one of the few pop stars today that I would want my daughter to look up to."  I completely agree! You go Adam Hill!

Check out the video below of him just giving it to Joan Rivers! The video starts out with her cracking fat jokes, so you can see what he is talking about.

WARNING some NSFW language is used!