An aspiring rapper was sentenced to jail after spending a couple's life savings on gold bullion bars and expensive designer clothes.

Abdel Ghadia, who raps under the stage name "Slimmy," was sentenced to 18 months behind bars at Burwood Local Court in Sydney, Australia, in early December after receiving a mysterious lump deposit of $759,314 in his savings account.

According to 9Now, the bank error took place after social media health and wellness influencer Tara Thorne and her husband Corey decided to purchase their dream home in Australia.

In an email, they were instructed to transfer the payment to a Commonwealth Bank of Australia account. The couple believed they were corresponding with Adam Magro, their mortgage broker.

However, Magro's email account had allegedly been hacked by a scammer, and the account the couple transferred their money to actually belonged to 24-year-old Ghadia.

Upon receiving the hefty deposit, Ghadia reportedly decided not to alert his bank about the glaring error.

Instead, he went on a lavish spending spree, purchasing bars of gold bouillon, designer clothing, cosmetics, rare coins and foreign exchange currency.

During the trial, the rapper told the court that he "just woke up and saw the money" in his bank account.

Ghadia pled guilty to "two counts of dealing with the proceedings of crime." However, he denied any involvement with the money transfer scheme.

He will be eligible for parole in October 2023.

Slimmy has 2,700 followers on his artist Facebook page. He most recently posted on his account in October.

Watch Slimmy's "Where's Bubba?" Music Video Below:

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