Not all kindness has to be life-changing.

taco bell

Last night, as I was heading home after a long day of work and rehearsal for the upcoming Princeton play I'm in, I decided to swing by Taco Bell off of St. Joe near Evansville's west side. I ordered a $5 box because I like getting a lot of food for very little money.

I hand the cashier my card and he runs it. I could tell there might be an issue as it seemed to be taking longer than usual. After a few moments, another employee tells me that there is an issue with my card. However, it phrased it in such a way that didn't embarrass me or make me feel bad.

He simply said this: "Yeah, I think it's our system because I know you have money on this card."

This issue actually was that my debit card had been deactivated because I had received a new one in the mail and was just too lazy to call the number to activate that card. Luckily, I had a different card to pay with and I was on my way.

What made me feel good was know that this employee didn't want to make me feel bad had my account actually been empty. I've been the type of poor in the past where my card gets declined in a store and it's the absolute worst feeling in the world. Instead of placing the blame on me, he instead chalked to up to the system and even reassured me that he believed it was an issue on their end. It was a very nice way to handle what could have been a difficult situation.

If you're reading this, Taco Bell employee who was working around 9pm on Wednesday night, thanks for being cool.

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