Is this the part where I become a bridezilla? Hello, in today's edition of Holy Cow I Get Married in 3 Months and I'm Not Prepared, we learn that gluten-free wedding cakes aren't a thing.

A few years ago, my fiance started experiencing some super unpleasant digestion issues. After several trips to the doctor and lots of blood work later, he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Basically, he's allergic to gluten. If you aren't sure what gluten is in, it's just about everything. Literally, everything.

If you think gluten might be in something, there's a really good chance it is. Needless to say, we had to change our entire diets and all my go-to recipes were thrown out the window. Honestly, him have Celiac drastically changed everything about our lives and approach to food. Every date night was extended for over analyzing the menu to make sure nothing had or was prepared with something containing gluten, every "gluten free" wrapper had to be read and read again, and the biggest hit - no more beer (for him at least).

I bet you're wondering what happens when my fiance eats gluten, aren't you? Just think the Dumb and Dumber scene times two. Add in some severe cramping, and in worst-case scenario, a little upchuck to top it off.

Luckily in the year 2020 we've come a long way and there are thousands of gluten-free options. So, I'm back to my go-to spaghetti and chicken alfredo. Tons of local restaurants have also added more GF options to their menus. Azzip and Turoni's both offer a GF crust, Buffalo Wild Wings has an entire GF menu (available on request), and BJ's Brewhouse also has a surprisingly large amount of GF options as well. So the Dumb and Dumber moments haven't happened in a while.

Then it hit me. I realized my wedding cake would have to be gluten free. I thought surely, in the year 2020, GF wedding cakes would be easier to come by. I was wrong.

I instantly thought of Piece of Cake because they offer GF cupcakes that are a huge hit. Unfortunately, they don't offer GF cakes, only cupcakes. I am OK with doing cupcakes, but I really wanted a cut-cake for pictures and ceremonial purposes.

As a side note, I am totally OK with the rest of the cake containing gluten. I'm only searching for a tiny portion to be GF for my groom.

I have called several places and nobody offers hardly anything GF, let alone an entire cake.

So, now I'm asking the public for help. All I want is for my groom to cut and enjoy a yummy cake on his wedding day without it ended up like Dumb and Dumber. 

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