A hair salon in Evansville has added a new product to its shelves - CBD oil. 

A few months ago, Indiana went into a frenzy as lawmakers threatened to ban CBD oil from being sold in the state. The cannabidoil carries a small trace of THC in the ingredients, which is chemical compound found in marijuana that interacts with receptors in the brain and body to create various effects. Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill suggested marijuana-related product should not be sold or consumed in Indiana.

While the distribution of CBD oil seemed troublesome to lawmakers, users and buyers of the product argued it was a natural remedy for a slew of health ailments.

After some debate, Hoosiers no longer have to worry about CBD oil disappearing from shelves. Earlier this year, Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law an act that explicitly legalizes CBD oil.

During the frenzy, CBD oil began flying off the walls of local businesses that sold it. Many of them had huge shipments of the oil coming in daily just to keep up with the demand before it was too late.

Now, another local business has decided to take advantage of the new act and start selling CBD oil.

Fringe Hair Salon, located on N Green River Road, announced Tuesday that it would be adding CBD oil to its product rack. They will sell CBD oil drops, soft gels, capsules, and balm, along with other hair care products.

According to the salon's Instagram page, there are eight proven benefits of CBD oil: relief from pain and inflammation, antipsychoctic effects, reduces anxiety, helps fight cancer, relieves nausea, may treat seizures, lowers incidence of diabetes, and promotes cardiovascular health.

So, go snag a bottle before they run out!

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