The 911 calls regarding an unconscious woman at a party at possible retiree Justin Bieber's Cali crib earlier this month have been released.

From the sound of things, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing when these calls, which were allegedly made by a member of Bieber's security detail, were placed.

There was quite a bit of backpedalling during the chat with the 911 dispatcher, which makes us think that the Bieber posse didn't want to get in any trouble by revealing what the heck was happening on site.

The caller says that a female, in her early 20s, is hyperventilating. He then speculates that she may have had a seizure, next claims she is fine but passed out and then says she is coherent and refusing help. The 911 operator ain't having any of that, saying the victim needs to sign a form saying she does not want aid.

When reached for comment at the time of the incident, The Biebs' camp explained that she had too much to drink and that she did not eat properly, hence her condition.

However, things get complicated. In the second call, you can hear Bieber's security person dealing with the drama and canceling the 911 ambulance, saying that their people were transporting her to the hospital themselves.

Now, TMZ says that ride for help never happened. WTF? Some shadestastic stuff was going on. That's all we know.

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