The 'Bachelor' Nation was heartbroken when the news of Gia Allemand's death broke, and even more so when it was discovered that she had committed suicide.

Sources close to Allemand and 'The Bachelor' say it was a complete shock that she had a history of depression, because she passed the show's extensive required psychiatric evaluations "with flying colors."

"Gia passed the testing with flying colors and there was nothing to indicate she suffered from any mental health issues," a source told Radar Online.

The insider explained, "It's a thorough process in which cast members meet with a team of psychiatrists from the show. Questions about depression, motivations for wanting to be on the show and reality television, any substance abuse issues and physical or emotional abuse are part of the screening."

Still, sources close to Allemand said that just because she passed a few tests doesn't mean she wasn't struggling within.

Another insider revealed to TMZ that Allemand had gone about her day as normal on Monday (Aug. 12) when she attempted (and ultimately succeeded) to take her own life, and that she even took notes in church the day before (Aug. 11). She even tweeted about the sermon:

"She was a Christian, but couldn't be fulfilled," the source said. "She thought the world expected more from her. She put so much pressure on herself and couldn't see the love around her."

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that Allemand and Ryan Anderson's relationship had already gone south after a little over two years together, prompting her to plan to move to New York City with a friend in September. "I'm not that shocked, because of her ups and downs," a friend told the Post. "She fell victim to her own perfection, and they were having problems."

What's more, a pal claimed that Allemand dabbled in cocaine and prescription drugs, though it's unknown whether coroners performed a toxicology report on the 'Bachelor Pad' starlet -- and even if they did, we may never know the results anyway.

One piece of information about Allemand's death that has gone public was the heartbreaking 911 call made just moments after Anderson found Allemand. The New Orleans Pelicans forward can be heard giving someone -- assumed to be Allemand's mother -- instructions, saying, "don't stop" giving the star CPR. Anderson sounds relatively calm, but that doesn't mean he wasn't devastated.

Our thoughts remain with Allemand's loved ones at this time.

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