Hello, re-runs! The 1990's had a plethora to offer as far as great television shows. Nowadays, shows come and go. We've got Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and a bunch of other mediums to source shows from. Back in the day, it was just you and the television set. With fewer shows and less new debuts, television was more competitive then than it is today. To become a show of greatness, you had to stand the test of time (and not get canceled). These shows made the cut. Not only did they make the cut, but a lot of them have made impressions on us years later! Here are 90's TV shows that we still love and miss:

1) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
I know, just like you know, that you and everybody else knows, the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not only do we all know the theme song, we know all of the characters of the 90's smash hit including Will, Geoffrey, Hillary, Aunt Viv, Uncle Phil, Ashley, and perhaps the most memorable character, Carlton. Who didn't absolutely love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

2) Roseanne
While Roseanne actually debuted in the late 1980's it gained wide success and critical acclaim all throughout the 1990's, ending after nine full seasons in the late 90's. The impact the show had on television and the issues highlighted, as well as how women were viewed as main characters on mainstream television were forever altered by the boundaries pushed by Roseanne. (Sidenote: Roseanne is one of my top three favorite television series of all time.)

Who can forget the handsome George Clooney saving lives in the 90's on ER? Puh-lease! Hello, doctor! I'm sick and I need something to make me feel better. What are you doing tonight? Insert winking face here.

4) Law and Order
Law and Order became so popular that multiple spin-offs and variations of the show have been produced since its initial debut in the early 90's. Everybody has seen Law and Order at least once, and most of us know the daunting opening music and of course the “Dun-dun” sound at the beginning of every episode!

5) Seinfeld
Again, actually debuting in the very late 1980's, Seinfeld ran for ten years into the late 1990's and was at the height of its popularity during that time. Personally, I consider it a 90's show because it became so popular during that time. Seinfeld won multiple awards in the 90's for its creativity and candor. Who can forget the lovable but nuts character, Kramer?

6) Frasier
Frasier (also one of my favorite TV shows of all time), is an eccentric and addictive spinoff, further chronicling and exploring the character 'Frasier' from the 80's classic television show “Cheers”. Frasier is known for its astute humor and spot-on cast, including Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, and John Mahoney.

7) Boy Meets World
Every kid in the 1990's knew and loved the show Boy Meets World. Becoming a part of the TGIF line-up in the mid-90's, Boy Meets World soared to popularity with kids and preteens everywhere. I mean, who can forget the uptight, yet kind Mr. Feeny and Eric always yelling, “FEEEN-AYY!” Not to mention, boys everywhere wished that Topanga could be their assertive, cute new girlfriend.

8) Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sabrina the Teenage Witch also gained its popularity in the TGIF Friday evening spot. Melissa Joan Hart played the relate-able teenager Sabrina, with one small difference from other teens; she was a witch! Hiding it from the world, except for her two wacky aunts, Sabrina was always fixing a situation that she more often than not caused by her use of magic. Usually, it always turned out fine and Sabrina would learn a new lesson. Morals and magic? Sign me up!

9) The Simpsons
While The Simpsons technically debuted in December of 1989, it's still on the air today, making it one of the longest-running television shows in history. The Simpsons really hit it's stride in the 1990's and gained its enormous following throughout the decade.

10) The X-Files
Three words: Mulder and Scully. The X-Files is the story of two detectives from the FBI investigating the supernatural always getting into unusual situations usually having to do with extraterrestrials. As far as alien shows go, this is pretty much THE go-to alien and supernatural show, especially of the 90's. People loved The X-Files.

11) Friends
Friends is one of the most memorable and most popular shows of the 1990's, 2000's, and maybe ever. With the diverse personalities of the characters and their likeability, the show was destined for success. The chemistry of the cast and the quirky nature of their issues spawned a huge hit with audiences across the globe. One of the main characters played by Jennifer Aniston even inspired and popularized a haircut called, “The Rachel.”

12) In Living Color
A sketch comedy series introduced by the Wayan brothers, it pushed the boundaries of late night adult comedy. Pushing boundaries and societal norms, In Living Color really pushed the envelope for humor and innovation.

13) Home Improvement

Tim the Tool Man Taylor is the lovable, yet oblivious character and star in Home Improvement. Add Tim Allen as the Tool Man, a few quirky manly grunts, and you've got a 90's comedy hit. Not only that, every teenage girl in the world at the time had to watch the show to swoon over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (Insert heart emoji here.)

14) Beverly Hills 90210
The teen drama/soap of the decade, Beverly Hills 90210 was the 'it' show for people of high school age. The teen issues the show showcased mixed with an attractive, young cast made it a smash hit for young adults.

15) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Last but not least, is the vampire slayer herself, Buffy. Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, most men wanted her and most women wanted to be her. With her bold, kick butt personality and mad skills, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has become a cult classic.

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