Have you ever thought, "I wish [insert store] was still here?" I am always saying this to my nieces and nephews because it's true!

My sister and I loved our childhood because it was a treat to shop at the mall and get the latest clothes at Limited Too or go to a birthday party at Discovery zone!

It had me thinking, what else do myself and others miss? Now that we are coming to an end of an era with malls (my opinion), I was reflecting on the stores that we used to have here in Evansville weather it was in Eastland Mall, Washington Square Mall, or just in a strip mall.

After chatting with some friends, I realized these 13 stores are something we miss. If we could at least get a Discovery Zone back, I would be happy.

  • Afterthoughts

After being good while my mom as shopping in sears, my sister and I loved getting to swing in Afterthoughts in Washington Square Mall! Unfortunately, Afterthoughts was acquired by Claire's.

  • Deb

I never understood the trill of this store but I went. I got maybe one outfit and that was it. Sadly, the beloved store liquidated in 2014.

  • Discovery Zone

The best place in the world. Yes, this place was my childhood. My sister, cousins, and friends lived for this place. I will never forget, I struggled getting up that red mat to slide down the other side. It still haunts me. Like, were you even a kid if you didn't have a birthday party here? Clearly I was not. My parents didn't let me have one there. Sadly, Discovery Zone filed bankruptcy in the late 90s.

  • Dry Ice

Every pre-teens dream of a bedroom. Mosquito nets above your bed, bright colors, the fascination of teal in a bedroom. I don't even know why it closed but I can assure you, my mom is VERY glad it did.

  • Gadzooks

Literally, the only place I could buy jeans in seventh grade and the era of trucker hats (thanks to Ashton Kutcher). In 2005, the store was acquired by Forever 21.

  • Limited Too

My sister and I lived for this store. We pretty much kept them in business. I will never forget the time they had a glitch in their computer and nothing would ring up over $3. It was packed. My mom spent $200 there and came home with BAGS of clothes. The store eventually closed and several reopened as Justice, a new girls clothing store.

  • Natural Wonders

RAIN STICKS! I was terrible at science but I loved this place! I had a fascination with the rain sticks. The store was eventually purchased by Discovery and closed in 2004.

  • The Disney Store

Dalmatians galore. I will never forget the pile of them when you walked in! The Disney Store still exists but it closed it's Evansville location in the early 2000s.


  • Wilson's Leather Outlet

This wasn't much of my store but my moms. The woman loved a leather jacket (I definitely inherited that trait). I loved the smell of this store and I will never forget when this place had their liquidation sale, I got the cutest leather jacket for next to nothing! It closed during my sophomore year of high school.

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