The following products may not seem so weird at first glance, but if you really think about it, they get stranger and stranger.

1) Eyelash Curler
Many women of all ages use something called an eyelash curler. It does exactly what its name indicates - helps to curl straight eyelashes. What I want to know is when did we decide that curled eyelashes were such a necessity that someone came up with this weird-looking mini torture device for the eye?

2) Smart Phones
I know this sounds like a normal occurrence now, because it is. Everyone has a smartphone! However, as little as 10 years ago, not as many people had a smartphone. Remember when we actually lived life instead of fabricating one? Now life revolves around Insta-stories, Snaps, Facebook statuses, and a narrowly curated and carefully crafted content stream that we feel represents us in our best light. It's actually a pretty crazy thing when you think about it.

3) Coconut Oil
Coconut oil within itself isn't an unusual product. People cook with it quite often. What's weird is the way people have started using coconut oil for everything - oil pulling, lubricating, teeth whitening, skin hydration, and much, much more. It's as though coconut oil is a cure-all, and in a way it is.

4) Hanging Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Having a clean toilet is essential. This itself is a no-brainer. However, hanging bright blue toilet bowl cleaner inside of the toilet bowl is a whole other deal. Like, who thought, "Man, I really hate cleaning my toilet. You know what? Instead of cleaning it, I'll just hang a chemical cleaner inside to keep the water cleaner for longer - and I'll make it super blue to hide anything uncleaned!"

5) Public Phone Charging Stations
In the era of the smartphone, it's become a vital thing to have a fully charged (or at least not dead) cell phone. So what did we do? We created a station that you can stop at in public to charge your phone on the go. This way, you'll never be out of the loop or disconnected - NEVER. Your phone owns you!

6) Meat Tenderizer
Tender meat is something all of us meat-eaters crave. No one wants a tough steak. I just always thought that a meat tenderizer was the weirdest idea. There's this big giant, metal hammer looking thing with spikes on it that looks like a small medieval weapon that you're supposed to use to tenderize (aka bludgeon) the piece of meat. To a child, it's a most gruesome and horrifying experience if you have no idea what's happening.

7) Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are again, one of those items that are a fairly commonplace tool for women. Again, they're kind of weird when you think about. Who came up with the idea that we needed our hair done with precision? Plus, pulling bobby pins out of your hair after a long night and a lot of hairspray sucks.

8) Air Freshener
It's not too much of a stretch to say that everyone enjoys clean air. The funny thing is that someone decided to, instead of clean up or get rid of whatever is making the smell, invent something that would smell so strongly that it would cover up the stinky smell. That's crazy!

What other fairly normal products can you think of that are sort of weird when you think about it?

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