Looking to cuddle up and watch some movies in the spirit of Halloween without worrying about giving yourself nightmares or losing your dinner?

Spooky Halloween Background
Kirsty Pargeter

I enjoy a good scary movie as much as the next gal, but sometimes I just don't want the thrill of turning on every light in the house on the way to the bathroom once I've finished the movie. Yes, sometimes movies linger with me. So I put together a list of 6 great movies to celebrate Halloween that won't give you goosebumps or completely creep you out.


If you're anything like me, you may find yourself on your feet and dancing during the dinner scene.


The Addams Family

They may have been creepy and kooky but there's no denying that Gomez and Morticia are wildly in love with each other... even after two kids!



Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton get's it right every time. Even Blink-182 sang about Jack & Sally.



I don't think it gets any more classic that Ghostbusters. Just be sure that you don't cross your streams!



Hocus Pocus

Five years before Carrie Bradshaw was walking the streets of New York, Sarah Jessica Parker was playing one of three evil witches. This movie always makes me laugh. It's the perfect mix of Halloween and humor.


Practical Magic

As long as we're talking about witches, this is my favorite movie on the list. I love Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as sisters and the love between those sisters is what makes this movie great.


What is your go-to non-scary Halloween movie?


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