If you haven't noticed, there's a little nip in the air & the leaves are starting to change colors. If that isn't proof positive that fall has finally arrived, here are 5 more ways to tell Fall is here!


Football is everywhere! From the NFL to the high schools, you know fall is here when it's football season. (*Note It's also marching band season, which is the exciting part of fall for me!)


fall football
Photo: james boulette



And flannels, and cardigans, and hoodies... this is a sure sign that fall has arrived.


Woman hiding in her turtleneck sweater
Photo: Brand X Pictures



Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the one thing that everyone but me seems to wait all year to get their hands on. You know it's fall when you start seeing #PSL everywhere!


Closeup of attractive young female enjoying drink
Photo: GalaxyPhoto


Pumpkin Everything

I know I already mentioned #PSL, but this time of year it seems like everything comes in pumpkin flavor! Oreos, coffee creamer, even vodka!


Fall Harvest Pumpkin Patch with ripe Pumpkins
Photo: AllenSphoto



For me, nothing says fall quite like Halloween! The candy, the costumes, the parties! Halloween is everything fall!


Halloween, two girls
Photo: Fuse


How do you know when fall has arrived?

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