Generally, reboots aren't a great idea, especially when the first show was so iconic that the reboot would have a high standard to compete with - however, there are some shows that would be just perfect for a reboot. So, here are five tv shows that should be rebooted ASAP:

1) The Twilight Zone
Although there has been talk of a Twilight Zone reboot by Jordan Peele in the works, we haven't heard much about it since last year. Hopefully, this show will be rebooted because even in the 50's and 60's this show was lightyears ahead of its time and has become one of the most iconic TV series of all time. The Twilight Zone had everything - suspense, horror, and sci-fi with sprinkles of comedy here and there. As amazing as it was, just think of what we could do now with all of the leaps forward we've made with technology and CGI since then. A Twilight Zone reboot would be nothing short of incredible.

2) Seinfeld
While I'm sure that a lot of people would object to this one, Seinfeld would work so well as a reboot! Seinfeld was always a show about nothing - not just nothing, nothing, but a nuanced nothing. Seinfeld characterizes what it means to step into someone's everyday life and to be able to see the humor and beauty in it. Fast-forward to twenty-something years later and that concept still works really well in television today because it's something that the audience can always relate to. We need a Seinfeld 2.0.

3) Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Upon its release, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a pioneer of television. Between the incredible writing, plot, and acting, this show is still one of the greatest shows in the history of TV. As long as they can get most of the characters to reprise their former roles and the writers understand how impeccable the writing would have to be, Buffy would be a perfect choice for a series reboot.

4) Family Matters
Back when Family Matters appeared on the ever popular TGIF television block on ABC, no one expected that it would become one of the longest-running African-American focused sitcoms ever, but it did. Its great popularity garnered it 9 seasons. Who can forget the nerdy but lovable Steve Urkel, always questioning so comedically, "Did I do that?" A reboot would allow for us to peek into the lives of the Winslow family all these years later and to answer our burning question of "What happened to Steve Urkel?"

5) Doug
Finally, our last rebootable show on the list is the amazing animated series, Doug. Doug was a show on Nickelodeon (which later moved to Disney) in the early to late 90's that focused on what it really meant to be an adolescent during that time period. Doug had a realness to it despite it being an animated show. Each episode focused on a moral dilemma in which Doug and the other characters were forced to make choices that real teens and pre-teens have to make in the real world. The show perfectly encapsulated what it's like to be an adolescent with a comedic twist. This reboot is essential because not only is Doug a beloved character and great show, but it's a show that adolescents need in a time where TV for kids and young people is lacking in substance.

While we're at it, can we just reboot entire TV networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network? Those channels in the 90's had the best run of cartoons ever but now not so much!

Honorable mentions: Frasier, the Golden Girls, and Quantum Leap. The only reason that these shows didn't make the list are because either key characters have passed away and the show wouldn't be the same without them, or because a lot of the actors are older and may not be able to film a reboot for that series.

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