'Roseanne' is, of course, one of the most iconic shows from the 1980's and 1990's to ever exist. Recently it was confirmed that there is a Roseanne reboot in the works. I almost had a heart attack hearing the news because Roseanne is one of my top five favorite shows of all time. The news got me to thinking though, will the original cast reprise their roles? It is rumored that John Goodman and Sara Gilbert will be back, but everyone else is still up in the air. If it were up to me, I would use the entire original cast (to me Michael Fishman is original cast) for the reboot. Especially the first 'Becky', whose real name is Lecy Goranson. Before you all go insane, hear me out...

I still love Sarah Chalke. Sarah Chalke is the best in Scrubs. She's an amazing actress, but as for filling the role of 'Becky' in Roseanne, I am highly opposed. Let me tell you why (you knew this was coming) Lecy Goranson should reprise the role of 'Becky' instead of the beloved Sarah Chalke.

1) Lecy's attitude as 'Becky' (which sort of defines her character) is unparalleled.
From the very beginning, Becky was the sister of sass. Becky was an academic, slightly nerdy, but also popular amongst her peers. However, at home, she was consistently at odds with Roseanne and Darlene, her little sister. Darlene's character as the middle child and Becky's annoying younger sister was the complex, dark, sarcasm princess (because let's face it, Roseanne is the queen of sarcasm). Needless to say, Becky's character, if not portrayed just right, would have been steamrolled over by Roseanne and Darlene's strong-willed natures. Lecy Goranson didn't just make sure Becky was noticed, she put Becky at the forefront of a lot of episodes where the plot wasn't even centric to her character. Lecy's natural ability to rip out the teen angst and 'tude is unparalleled.

2) The 90's were strong with her.
Lecy as Becky really exuded what it meant to be as a teenager in the 1990s. Her drastic haircuts, her flamboyant outfits, and her newfound rebellious nature all contributed to the best 1990s Becky character. I mean, that first haircut - whoa. Check out the video below for the story behind Becky's shocking hair transformation.

3) Lecy's ability to make Becky relatable to real teens was incredible.
Lecy always made Becky relatable to teen audiences regardless of the circumstances. She could be serious, full of angst, or spilling over with attitude but always made it genuine. Teenagers could really relate to her shifts in mood and her courage to make the serious issues, whatever they were, seem alright. Lecy's portrayal of Becky made teenagers feel like they could be courageous enough to broach sensitive topics with their own parents.

4) Lecy has the best eye rolls and facial expressions.
Not only did Lecy have the wicked attitude, she had the facial expressions and eye rolls to back it up. Even if she wasn't talking in a scene, you could always tell what she was thinking by her amazing facial expressions.

5) She felt more like a true sister.
The first Becky always felt like a true sister to audiences. Becky and Darlene would fight like cats and dogs constantly, but would come together like siblings do whenever they 1) were lying to their parents or 2) really needed one another in a crisis. This relationship really hit the nail on the head of what it feels like to have a sibling. Lecy's portrayal of Becky really solidified this long lasting dynamic between the sisters throughout the series that otherwise may not have existed.

Ultimately Lecy Goranson took the Becky character and made it her own, and in my opinion, no one else could adequately fill the role the way Lecy does.


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