My husband and I put a pool in this past fall. The amount of feedback we get is insane and frankly, I am over it.

Last year we bought a house with tons of land, 10.21 acres to be exact. Yes, I am proud to have land because anymore it's so hard to come by. We always said we wanted a pool. My husband wanted it more than I did but of course I am not going to act like I didn't want it. I grew up with a pool at my grandparents and it was a staple of my childhood. We waited till after Labor Day to have the pool installed. We went with an above ground because if we ever decide we don't want it, we can take it down. Plus, it's way cheaper and after Labor Day we got a free install special. Fast forward to this summer and we are able to get in and use our pool. We love it. Especially now because it's like 90 degrees and perfect for evenings after work!

We love to entertain and have people over most weekends and even some weekdays. We always said we want our house to be the "hang out". Now that we are a couple months into having a pool and people coming over, the comments/questions are always the same. I feel like I should address some of the misconceptions of being a pool owner. I will disclaim, every person/pool is different but this is our experience (and most of our friends who have pools too.

Pools cost a ton: Yes, they can be expensive but you have to do your homework. We went to several places for quotes and to learn the process as well as doing our own research. We found a trustworthy place and it worked out for us at a small price (our opinion).

Pool maintenance is expensive: It's not as expensive as everyone thinks. Yes, you pay for the chlorine tablets, shock, and other things such as floats or other features but we hardly spent $100 for the entire summer of chemicals. The best part is there is a store on Franklin Street that you can get your water tested and advice on chemicals and what to do.

Pools take so much time and upkeep: This is the biggest question we get and I am over it. As with anything, it takes some time. How long do you spend cleaning your house or vehicle? I can guarantee it won't take as much time as that and if you want a pool, it's part of the upkeep. I would say we spend probably 1-2 hour a week cleaning/maintaining the pool.

Photo: Emily Fehn
Photo: Emily Fehn

Chlorine is bad for you: Chlorine is in shower water and even some tap water. It keeps the water clean of harmful bacteria. In large amounts it can be bad for you, but that is why there are instructions on it and recommendations for each pool and how much you need.

Above ground pools are eyesores: I originally thought this too. However, they have come a long way. They are great if you know you only want a pool for 10 or so years. I have nothing against the standard white ones but I was very specific that I did not want a white pool. Thankfully, my husband and I were able to find one that matched our siding to our house and had that warm cozy look. We built a very nice deck on ours and it's now our amazing little oasis.

My advice to anyone who wants a pool, as with anything do your homework and figure out what you want. You never know what you'll truly want until you do the research!

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