Although I feel that most of these foods are staple foods for the majority of the public, I cannot guarantee that everyone (particularly vegans) will agree with this short list of foods most of us just cannot live without. However, if you don't agree please add the one food you absolutely cannot live without in the comments!

1) Cheese
Oh Em Gee, Cheese. Cheese is like the best thing to ever happen to food. It's also an ingredient in all of the best foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, alfredo, and much, much more. How someone could live without cheese is beyond me (Sorry, vegans!). You can never, ever have too much cheese!

2) Sugar
Sugar was chosen simply because it encapsulates a lot of great foods all under one heading such as candy, sodas, cakes, chocolate, desserts, and so many more delicious delectables. Suck in that sugary goodness, y'all.

3) Potatoes
Potatoes are a staple food for millions of Americans. Potatoes also can be prepared more ways than any other food - fried, boiled, mashed, microwaved, stewed, etc. Potatoes are the boundless food that always turns out absolutely delicious.

4) Meat
Meat is a very big favorite food among many. The great thing about meat is that there's almost always something for everyone, whether it be beef, fish, seafood, chicken, venison, or any other of the many varieties of meat out there. Although I'm not personally a big meat eater, every once in a while I love a great steak or a piece of fresh salmon. So good.

5) AND Sunny's choice... BREAD.
Finally, the one food most of us cannot live without and my personal number one food is bread. Bread is the foundation of so many of my favorite things. Whether it be pizza, sandwiches, bread pudding, or just bread itself, bread is my absolute must-have food! It's just that good. Who wants to have a bread-free diet? Nobody - the answer is nobody!

HONORABLE MENTION: Pasta, because it's delicious.

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