It's Lent and we need choices. Since meat is "forbidden" most turn to fish, even if it's not on Fridays! 

Since meat is a huge part of most American's diets, when Lent rolls around there is a lot of scrambling to find where to get fish. If you are like me, cooking and fish do not go together. I am always scared I won't cook it properly and get sick. So, I decided to put together a list of locally owned restaurants that serve fish! Personally, I prefer fish sandwiches and my two favorites are St. Philip's Inn and Maiden's. Clearly I need to branch out! I mean, look at this list!

40 Locally Owned Restaurants Serving Fish: 


St. Philips Inn

Hilltop Inn

Tin Fish

GD Ritzy’s

Highland Inn

Wolf’s BBQ

Zaps Tavern

Hornet’s Nest


Zaps Tavern

Stoll’s Country Inn

Lamasco’s Bar & Grill

R’z Café & Catering

Carriage Inn

Knob Hill Tavern


Catfish Willy’s Seafood & Crab Shack

Café Arazu

Edgewater Grille

Smitty’s Italian Steakhouse

Korner Inn Restaurant & Bar

Nisbet Inn

Hornville Tavern

The New Frontier Restaurant & Bar

Darmstadt Inn

The Red Wagon Poseyville

Silver Bell Restaurant

Fool Moon Grill & Bar

Haub’s Steakhouse

Log Inn

Sportsman’s Grille & Billards

Stockwell Inn

Deerhead Sidewalk Café & Bar

Commander’s Grill

Kevin’s Backstage Bar & Grill



Leroy’s Tavern


Gerst Bavarian Haus


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