It's about time that we start getting some good news in 2020.

I know my fellow 90s kids will remember 3D Doritos. These weren't your ordinary Doritos. This snack from the late 1990s turned Doritos into mini puffy snacks. These chips were a hit, especially among my friends and I. Unfortunately, they didn't last long, as that was the case with many delicious snacks in the 90s. Frito-Lay discontinued the chips after a few years. Since then, 3D Doritos has been one of those snacks that people have been begging to come back. After all these years, our voices have finally been heard.

According to an Instagram post from CandyHunting, it looks like Doritos will be bringing back the classic snack shortly after the first of the year. The images first showed up in a mobile handbook Frito-Lay employees can use on their sales route, and tease a potential release of January 18th. This time, they will be called Doritos 3D Crunch.

If you remember the original 3D Doritos, they had Nacho Cheese, Zesty Ranch, and Jalapeno Cheddar flavors. I could be missing some, bu those are the ones that I remember for sure. The new Doritos 3D Crunch will come in two slightly different flavors called Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch. So the flavors might not be the same, but it looks like the shape and texture of the chips are reminiscent of what we had in the 90s.

Doritos planned good timing with the rerelease of 3D Doritos because that's right around the time for the Super Bowl. I know that I will definitely be getting a few bags for my Super Bowl party so that I could relive my childhood a bit. I can only hope they have awesome Superbowl commercials for these chips too!

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