The dog days of summer are here and you're probably sweating just reading this.

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This is the first summer in a long time that I've actually had A/C in my car. I'm very thankful for that, but I haven't forgotten the hot days without the sweet kiss of refrigerated air hitting my face. If you've ever gone without A/C, here are some of the struggles you may have faced.

1. Enjoy Showing Up Everywhere Sweaty AF

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You have a big business meeting and you've got on a great new suit and tie. Unfortunately, the only impression you're going to be making is the pool of butt sweat on your car seat. No matter where your next appointment is, you're going to show up looking like you just finished playing full-court basketball on the sun. This is great if your date is into intergalactic basketball (or Space Jam) but chances are, you just look like a human slip-n-slide.

2. Rolling the Window Down Leads to Messed-up Hair

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Rolling your windows down only accomplishes two things: 1) Giving the illusion that you are cooling off and 2) Completely messing up the hair your worked so hard on. What's the point of getting all fancy (or presentable) only to have your hair whipped around like an 80's glam-rock video? If I wanted my hair whipped around by hot air, I'd use a hairdryer or just have my dad's voice criticize me at point-blank range.

3. Your Friends Will All Complain About It


When I didn't have A/C, I would tell my friends up front that I didn't have it. My friends were all super understanding about it. Just kidding, they were a big ol' bag of dongs. They'd gasp and say "You don't have air? That's so gross!" I was fine with that if they decided to drive instead, but in the unfortunate scenario that I still ended up having to drive, it'd be a running commentary about hot everyone is. Trust me, I'm well aware of how hot it was. And if you don't believe me, just feel free to smell any part of me.