Kids say the darndest things, don't they? In the spirit of kids being kids, here are 3 phrases that are super funny that my kids have actually said:

1) I'm a crackhead.
My 3-year-old thought it appropriate to call himself a crackhead after he cracked his head on the coffee table. It made sense to him. Now, it makes sense to me too but unfortunately, we all know that 'crackhead' has a different meaning in our society. He still says that when he has a scrape on his head if I'm not there to correct him.

2) That's a poop-bird.
When my oldest son was little, he saw a moth for the first time and didn't know what to call it. For some reason, 'butterfly' was not a term that he felt accurately portrayed this creature. What he did name it, however, was poop-bird. It was brown and it flew in the air - hence, poop-bird.

3) I like butts.
So my husband and I watch Bob's Burgers and in the show, there's a teenage girl who is obsessed with other teenage boy butts. It only comes up every now and again, but it's happened enough to where my kids know that Tina says 'butt' sometimes. They think that the word butt, along with the words fart and poop are hilarious. I think it's a boy thing. Anyway, now the kids go around mimicking Tina and saying "Butts". Of course, I couldn't be more thrilled.

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