People like different types of a syrup on their waffles. Apparently, 21 Savage enjoys a very different type of syrup on his. The "Dip Dip" rapper posted a video of himself pouring cough syrup all over his waffles. It's as strange as it sounds. One can only hope this was a joke for the cameras.

Outside of this bizarre display, 2016 has been an amazing year for 21 Savage. The young rapper was part of the XXL Freshman class, which was all the more impressive due to his independence.

"I did everything by myself," he told XXL. "That’s what separate me from a lot of people. I didn’t have no label, no marketing team, no promotion team, no nigga with no money behind me, I did all my shit by myself. I just worked hard. I just go out and do it, bruh. It don’t be no plans to it, I just do the shit. I can’t really describe it. Folks just gravitate to us."

The dire circumstances in 21 Savage's hometown have motivated him. Against the odds, he has been able to find success.

"I’m from Glennwood [Georgia] where everybody really dead or in jail though," he said. "I think about it, it is what it is though. That’s how life go. It keep me wanting to stay focused and go further and further because I know where I came from. Go in the studio and go hard. Make hard music, shoot videos, and just keep your fans entertained."

21 Savage is definitely keeping his fans entertained. His tracks have been all over the Billboard Hot 100.

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