Because getting to wear free gowns and jewelry and earn zillions of dollars isn't quite enough for Hollywood's elite, many go to the Oscars just for the swag.

And for the 2013 Oscars, that swag includes a copy of Leeza Gibbons' book. Bet you're totes jelly!

'Take 2: Your Guide to Happy Endings and New Beginnings' is only one of the delights in the Academy Awards gift bags this year. The Daily Beast reports that other goodies include Naked brand condoms (we see what they did there) and, uh, Windex.

Stars also have gourmet maple syrup worth $120, portion control dinnerware, a $5,000 "vampire facelift," hair ties, tickets to the circus, a sweatshirt and, most practically, a lint roller.

Because the goodie bags are taxable, their values have dropped significantly, yet still amount to more than what a lot of people make in a year: they used to go for upwards of $100,000, but last year were worth about $62,023.26 -- and this year down to about $20K less than that.

Because of their taxable status, stars have been donating the goods to charity. Expect to see a lot of Leeza Gibbons tomes in your local library.

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