Kentucky Triceratops

Standing at 10 feet tall with a nose-to-tail measurement of a whopping 26 feet, and a remarkable weight of 5,000 pounds, the yet-to-be-named tri-horned dino has called Kentucky home since the 1970s. There were nine of these dinosaurs that were hatched out for the 1964 worlds fair by the Sinclair Oil Company. After the completion of the fair, Lottie, as she was then called, hit the road for a cross-country tour before settling down in her Louisville home. Her first residence was the Louisville Zoo before placing more permanent roots at the Kentucky Science Center in 1979. For more information on Lottie's past, click here. 

Prehistoric Party

On September 17th, the Kentucky Science Center will host a celebration event for the triceratops' return to the spotlight after its $55,000 renovation. The triceratops will be renamed and many fun activities will be taking place during the event.

Come out to the Kentucky Science center to dance with costumed dinosaurs during the Dino Dance Party, and visit modern-day dinosaurs in the form of reptiles thanks to the Herpetological Society.

Also to enjoy on Dino Day are paleontology-themed maker activities at the Science Center's MakerPlace or to dive into the world of Dinosaurs of Antarctica on the big screen that spans four floors on site.

Dino Day events kick off at 10 am and run until 2 pm. At noon is when the new name for the triceratops will be revealed. The events of the day are free with your Kentucky Science Center general admission ticket. Remember, you can save $3 a ticket by purchasing your tickets online. For more information about ticket costs and exhibits check out the Science Centers website at https:://

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