15-year-old Evansville teen, Kristin Schaum went to Las Vegas over the weekend to see Green Day live in concert and left with a lifetime memory after frontman Billy Joe Armstrong pulled her up on stage to play guitar during the performance of their song, "Knowledge."

As the video above shows, it doesn't take Kristin long to pick up the chords after a quick tutorial from Armstrong (she takes the stage around the 4:54 mark). According to an interview with the Evansville Courier & Press, Kristin says she's been playing the guitar since she was 8, and went to the show prepared to try and get on stage, writing "I can play Knowledge" on a folder she held up in the air when Armstrong went looking for a volunteer. By the looks of the video above, Schaum, whose family owns Schaum's Pizzeria on Green River Road, didn't let the moment overwhelm her as she strummed along in perfect time with the rest of the group while Armstrong grabbed the mic to sing the final few lines.

Grabbing a fellow guitar player from the audience isn't uncommon for the band. They've made it part of their show on nearly every stop of their current tour. However, it looks like fans in the U.S. will have to wait awhile before they see the band stateside again as they're next scheduled date is in Perth, Australia April 30th.

For more on Kristin's moment in the spotlight, check out her interview on the Evansville Courier & Press website.

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