As you may have heard, Chili's on the east side of Evansville has closed. The building is now up for sale.

This gives Evansville the chance to bring something new to town that we don't already have. It got me thinking about various chain restaurants that we don't have in the area that might be a good fit for that space. I think the biggest grip Tri-Staters have about new business opening up is that we want new places that we don't already have. So many times  you see chain restaurants that are currently in the area building new locations. We want more variety!

Naturally, the first two restaurants that came to mind were Dave & Buster's and The Cheesecake Factory. Who wouldn't want to have either in Evansville? However, I began to think about the space of the Chili's location and I felt that Dave & Buster's and The Cheesecake Factory would be too big for that lot.

Then it was back to the drawing board for restaurants that would ideally fit in that lot space AND we don't already have in town. I did a lot of thinking and came up with 15 restaurants that could fit that description. Which of these 15 would you like to see take over the old Chili's location?

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15 Resturants That Could Replace Evansville's Chili's

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