Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. Dogs are happy to see you when you get home and are more than happy to snuggle up on the couch with you to binge-watch a show. Cats are happy to — uh — let you cater to their every whim? I'm kidding, cats can be great companions too. Of course, pets aren't always the furry, snuggly kind. At my house, in addition to one dog and one cat, we also have a bearded dragon and a hedgehog. We're practically running a very small zoo that no one visits.

Having out-of-the-ordinary pets isn't a unique concept. Some people have goats, others have ferrets, while some prefer the company of spiders. To each their own. Who am I, or we, to judge? With that said, there are some pets, no matter how badly you want one, or how absolutely, positively adorable they are, you cannot own if you live within the Evansville city limits. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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I got the idea for this after seeing an article by Michelle Heart with our Townsquare Media sister-station, 107.9 Lite-FM in Boise, Idaho. She had discovered several animals residents in that city can't own based on city codes she found online which got me thinking about whether Evansville had any regulations that were similar. Obviously, they did or this article wouldn't exist. Chapter 14, Article 3, section 42 and 43 spell out a lengthy list of exotic animals you can get in trouble owning if local officials find out. You can see the entire list on the city's website. These are the 15 I found to be the most interesting.

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