The 3rd annual 106-1 KISS-FM, Kruckemeyer & Cohn Diamond Dash is this Sunday at noon in downtown Evansville, where teams from all over the tri-state will compete in a real-world scavenger hunt in an attempt to win a gorgeous, $12,000 Hearts on Fire diamond ring. And while you can't put a price on true love, some celebrities have certainly tried.

The video below features some of the more expensive engagement rings purchased for some of the more rich and famous among us including Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Katie Holmes. Listed in order from "cheapest" to they-spent-how-much (?!?!), the video kicks off with Christina Aguilera's "paltry" (<--- sarcasm) $78,500 ring from Jordan Bratman.

Fun side game: Count how many of these engagements either never came to fruition, or ended in divorce.

Registration for the Kruckemeyer & Cohn Diamond Dash ends at 5pm this Saturday.

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