Whether or a fan or a player, you need to get your mind right before a football game and the right hype song can do just that. But it can't be just any old song, it has to be loud, it has to have punch, it has to have lyrics that incite emotions of passion, determination, and even a little rage (sorry Celine Dion, you didn't make the list).

You may wonder why I chose 13 songs. The honest answer is that there is no reason. I sat at wrote down 25 songs I thought would do the trick, then went back through and checked those I felt were the best and the number just happened to come out to 13. It was that simple.

On this list you'll find a mix of both rock and hip-hop. Those are the two genres I tend to lean more towards when I'm listening to my iPod, so they're the two I'm most familiar with. I'm sure a country music fan could select a few honky-tonkin' jams to add in, but since I don't like country music, you won't find any here.

What all these songs have in common regardless of genre is that they get the heart racing, the blood and adrenaline pumping, and make anybody listening feel like they can take on the world, or run through a brick wall.

Without any further adieu, in no particular order, I give you my list. My apologies to any walls that may be harmed.

Trick Daddy - Let's Go

The last few times I've made a trip to Indy to see a game a Lucas Oil Stadium, this song was played repeatedly throughout the game. It's the perfect mix of rock ("Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne) and hard hip-hop beats under the anthem-like chant of "Let's Go", as in, "Let's go whoop up on anybody that gets in our way."

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