Everyone has received their fair share of backhanded compliments. Women particularly suffer through these awful remarks disguised as social pleasantries. Typically, women are expected to just grin and bear it. Not today, ladies! Presented to you, are 13 back-handed compliments women hate getting. Caution: major sass ahead!

1. How are you still single?
I purposefully wear man repellent. Generally, it's specifically geared toward people like you! How funny. Must not be working today.

2. You have such a pretty face.

A pretty face, with a deformed and hideous everything else, evidently.

3. You look so different, I hardly recognized you!
Also known as, “Your plastic surgery was successful!” or “Your extreme weight loss/gain has made you look pretty unbearable!”

4. That haircut really slims your face.
So, before my new haircut what exactly did my face look like? A giant potato?

5. You are so photogenic!
Also known as, “I didn't expect you to look this ugly in person.”

6. It's so nice that you get to stay at home with your children and don't have to work. I wish I could sit at home all day!
Yes, I'm sure you would like to stay at home with your children all day if it's anything like it is in your mind. In reality, it's days full of screaming, crying, and playing games of “What's that smell and where's it coming from?” or “What are you eating and where did you find it?” Being a stay-at-home parent is a tough job, not a vacation.

7. You have the cutest bump! So when are you due?
Due to smack you? Any second now. I'm not pregnant.

8. I love that you'll just say anything that pops into your head!

No, you don't. If I said what I was thinking right now, you definitely would not love it.

9. Bless your heart!
Also known in southern speak as, go _____ yourself, kindly.

10. You're looking very casual today.

Also known as, “You're looking pretty rough in those sweat pants with a messy bun and no makeup.” If I cared, I wouldn't be wearing my sweats with a messy bun and no makeup!

11. You'd be perfect if you weren't as heavy.
You'd be perfect if you'd shut your rude face, but they can't all be winners, can they?

12. There's a job opening I know of that's so easy, a monkey could do it. You'd be perfect for it!
Village idiot, reporting for duty! What the heck, dude?

13. You should be like this more often!
Be like what? What am I normally like? I must usually be insufferable. Well, thanks for that confidence boost.

To all you back-handed compliment givers out there, we only have one thing to say to you: bless your little hearts!

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