Do you ever read social media posts that immediately make your eyes roll into the back of your head? You know, the ones where someone is just so insufferable that you just can't stand it? Well, I'm here to list those compulsive social media poster personas that we sometimes just love to hate! Friends, we love you, but could you please just stop being so annoying?

1) That one couple.
Everyone knows there's that one couple that is practically insufferable on social media because of the things that they do. For example, they often share an account. Usually, they post about how wonderful their lives are together and you only ever see them together. It's like they've been surgically attached at the hip so that they may be together until their dying days. Come on, people! Life is never THAT perfect.

2) The quitter.
I have to say that out of all of these compulsive posting social media personas I am most like this person. This person is constantly announcing their departure - from everywhere. This includes when they're deleting their social media accounts (guilty) or when they're quitting a new group, etc. If you're going to be a quitter, fine, but don't announce it to the world. We'll notice you're gone sooner or later.

3) The "I've found my 345th soulmate" this year person.
It's good to be in a happy relationship. It's great when you think you've found the one, but you should probably wait longer than 5 days to announce to the world that you've found your soulmate, again, and that you are so in love because chances are if your new relationship follows the pattern of your old ones, you'll be breaking up within the next few weeks anyway.

4) The drama queen.
Subtweets, subtweets, subtweets! The game of ambiguity is what this person is good at. They post constant statuses that are vague enough that the status can't always be directed at just one person, but specific enough that you know some stuff has gone down. This person thrives on drama and keeping people interested and guessing. The mute button comes in handy for the people who are subjected to this kind of person.

5) The "I'm a newly engaged, married, pregnant, parent" person.
As annoying as these people can be, I give them a little more leniency. I get it. You've finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and/or you start a family and have a new baby. No one is more happy for you than I am, I promise. However, life does go on for the rest of us and it will for you also. I like seeing your baby a few times but try to cut the photos down to less than 1,000. A baby can only change so much in a days time.

6) The meme-r.
Everybody likes a good meme every now and again, but not one every half an hour. Jokes are funny but only in moderation, guys.

7) The cool, tough guy.
Everybody knows at least one cool, tough guy. He's the shirtless profile picture guy with the ball cap and mirror selfie who thinks he is God's gift to humanity. Yeah, him. You'd get more dates if you'd start working and quit being a scrub, bro. Just sayin'.

8) The attention seeker.
The selfie queen makes her debut as the attention seeker. It's not always a she to be clear - guys do it too. If you take a selfie more than twice a week, I'd say you're probably an attention seeker. There's nothing wrong with being an attention seeker because to a degree we all want to be noticed. However, if you post a selfie every day there's a good chance that people have stopped paying attention a long time ago.

9) The animal lover.
I appreciate an animal lover and I think most people would agree with me that loving, caring, and advocating for animals is a very noble cause - but when your dog or cat has its own social media account, it's time to re-evaluate your life choices, guys. The only exception and only sometimes is when someone is camera shy and they like to travel so they take photos of their pets at landmarks or while on traveling adventures instead of taking selfies.

10) The downer.
It's perfectly understandable to post a status occasionally when you've had a horrible, rotten day. Everyone does it. We are looking for some comfort from friends and that's okay. What gets on everyone's nerves is when someone is constantly a Debbie Downer. Whether it's always having a negative outlook or constantly bashing people's personal decisions, the Debbie Downers of social media have got to go. We aren't trying to kill our vibe with all of your negative antics!

11) The athletic.
Again, everything in moderation. Exercise and body transformations are awesome. Doing yoga, being a runner, lifting weights, and more are all fantastic and healthy. However, posting nothing but you doing Yoga poses or pictures of your ripped arms every day is a little bit irritating. If you want to become an all-knowing health guru, please make a special page for it so the people who want to see it can and leave the rest of us out of it.

12) The Foodie.
Food is a necessity in life. We must have food and drink to survive. However, we can do without knowing what you eat at every meal each day. We don't need to know that you have two fried eggs with Avacado toast each morning and then get a tall vanilla latte from Starbucks every morning at 8:13 a.m and that you're just not yourself until you've drunk every ounce. Do you plan on photographing it coming out too? I didn't think so. Although, that might make for a more interesting photo.

Remember, you're our friends so we still love you even when you irritate us because we know that we also irritate YOU. Just know that it's a possibility that we have muted your posts. Also, to the readers out there that honestly can't stand someone's constant posting remember that there's always the Unfollow and Block buttons! Did you think I was really gonna lay the blame all on your annoying friend? Think again!

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