Women are naturally exquisite and everyone knows that. What everyone doesn't know is what we put into making ourselves flawless every day! Here are 10 unexpected things that women do to look fabulous:

1. Eyebrow Wax
Nothing like getting the hair above your eyes ripped out of your face to make you feel beautiful.

2. Makeup and Tutorials
Women rarely step out of the shower looking flawless. Sometimes it takes wringing out the extra water in your hair first! *Uhg* For most of us, however, it takes hours of youtube makeup tutorials to look like the amazing, painted beauty that stands before you!

3. Tweeze, tweeze, tweeze!
Pick up the tweezers and grab a hold of any and every hair possible! This includes eyebrow hair, nose hair, and even nipple hair. Yes, nipple hair. Don't ask.

4. Fake Eyelashes
Mascara, adhesive, and false lashes. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that combination. *Would insert eye roll here if eyelid wasn't glued open*

5. Facial Masks
Wearing facial masks is an important part of the beauty process to keep skin clean and clear. It's also very useful for terrifying little children and grown men. Plus, and plus!

6. Bleaching
Women are given the option to bleach more parts of their body than you can count. Many women do bleach a lot of those body parts too, including teeth, hair, upper lip, and skin. So much bleach, so little time!

7. Wear Ridiculous Clothes
Almost all women have had that pair of jeans that are perfect; slenderizing, smoothing, and tight; so tight that we have to lay down on a bed to zip and button them. Every woman also at one time or another, has had to learn to re-walk because her shoes are too complicated for her balancing abilities. Sorry, not sorry for this fabulous-ness!

8. Style Our Hair
Only other women know the pain of what it is to actually fix your hair. It's a mess of combs, bobby pins, curling irons, hair straighteners, product, and the list goes on. It's almost impossible not to burn yourself on accident, or someone else out of frustration.

9. Boob Tape
Boob tape: for when you can't afford a boob job, but need the girls to look good braless! Although it sounds ideal, the reality is much darker. While it usually works, boob tape can leave you feeling sweaty, with skin irritation, and a missing outer layer of skin.

10. Barely Eat on a Date
Generally, after all of the gussying up and getting pretty, the last thing women want to do is ruin it. So, on top of all of the effort and time spent getting ourselves perfect, we can barely eat for fear that we might smudge, pull, tear, or bust out of something.

In other words, making ourselves into the picture of perfection is fairly torturous. So, appreciate us in all of our glory!

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