Are you ready to feel old?

In what seems like the blink of an eye, an entire decade has passed. As we prepare to leave 2010-2019 in our dust, let's recap some pretty important things (or bizarre) that happened this decade that you might have forgotten about.

1. First off, in 2010 the very first iPad was released. Doesn't it seem like we've had them forever? I mean, nowadays even toddlers have iPads.

2. Also in 2010, Lady Gaga wore the famous meat dress to the VMAs. Yeah...that was just one of the several very questionable outfit choices Miss Gaga served this decade.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

3. In 2011 we unfortunately were exposed to Rebecca Black's song "Friday", which is now sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. You're welcome.


4. And remember in 2011 when everyone was planking everywhere? Yeah, that was strange.

5. Never forget the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept social media in 2014. Here's my Ice Bucket Challenge video for your viewing pleasure.

6. In 2015, a simple dress caused one of the biggest debates in history. By the way, it's always been white and gold to me.

swiked, Tumblr


Getty Images

8. In 2017 we all stood outside and stared directly into the

Ulet Ifansasti - Getty Images

9. And then we all stared at our TVs for hours watching the Royal Wedding.

Jane Barlow - WPA Pool, Getty Images

10. And finally in 2019, we got more neat space news when the first ever photo of a Black Hole was generated.

See ya later, 2019. Let's take on this decade with more insanely wacky trends and events!