If you think about it, there's things we do in our lives that come so naturally, we don't even realize we're doing them. I'm here to bring attention to those things.

1. Spell Mississippi out in our head.
Every. time.

2. Put Ranch on everything. And hot sauce.
Chips, pizza, fries, salad, you name it.

3. Say "ope" when we accidentally bump into someone or something.
Doesn't matter if its the table, the person in the grocery line, or the dog.
It's always an "ope".

4. Combine LMNO into the word "ellaminnow" when saying the alphabet.
Does anyone really have the time to separately say L-M-N-O?
The answer is N-O.

5. Say, "it's a good thing we got here when we did" when the line starts to get long.
Pointing out the obvious is a specialty of ours.

6. Turn one syllable words into multiple syllable words.
"Did you have a good day today?"

7. Leave the "l" out of words.
It's not coLd outside, it's code.

8. Sniff the air and tell you the weather forecast.
"Smells like it's gon' rain later."
It's a real thing, I promise.

9. Make up words using a combination of other words.
You all = y'all.
Are not = ain't.
All those words combined = y'aint.

10. Put leftovers in butter tubs and confuse everyone.
Is it butter? Is it lasagna? Who knows!


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