In life, things happen. We all know that. However, there are some things that we all hate but we don't want to admit that we do because it's embarrassing. Even though we know people can relate to us, we also will do anything to avoid being laughed at. It was really hard to narrow this down to just ten, but here are ten things that everyone hates but won't admit too because it's too embarrassing:

1) The Frustration You Feel with the Debit Card Chip
Does the store actually have a chip reader, or is the slot just there? Do you press US Visa or the Debit button? Why when you hit debit does it cancel the transaction? Why does the chip save no time versus swiping? Why is this stupid chip here? The chip doesn’t even protect us the way they said it would either. Let’s just all agree right now that the chip card is awful.

2) When you’re debating on going to the bathroom but you don’t get up and then someone else goes and you’re secretly mad...
This is legit. You’ll just be sitting there thinking, “I really need to go to the bathroom, but I want to finish the last three minutes of my show first,” and then about two minutes later someone goes into the bathroom. Internally, you’re kind of raging. Admit it. Inside you’re like, “What the heck? I was just about to go in there!” It’s stupid because we know people are not mind-readers, but we hold that grudge anyway.

3) When you accidentally say the wrong thing and replay it over and over in your head for days.
Everybody does this. It’s like a trainwreck that you couldn’t prevent but you’re forced to watch. Inside you’re like, “Why did I say that? Anything would have been better than that!” For the next several days, weeks, months, or years this will haunt you.

4) When someone gives you directions using actual cardinal directional terms and you don't understand.
I’m sorry, if you give me directions using north, south, east, and west, I can’t get to where I’m supposed to be going. It’s embarrassing that I can’t navigate being almost 30 years old, but it happens. If you use landmarks like ‘McDonalds’ or ‘Target’ then I will definitely be able to figure out where I’m going. I know I’m not the only one either.

5) When you find hidden raisins that make you rage.
What is it about a hidden raisin in food that makes people absolutely irate? I get that it is a horrible culinary atrocity but just spit it out and don’t take another bite. I’ve seen people absolutely lose it over a raisin. Don’t be that guy. Also, bakers, don’t be the baker that hides raisins in otherwise delicious food. Stop ruining desert!

6) When you sleep with the lights on after a scary movie even though you are a grown adult.
Admit it, ya’ll know when you watch a scary movie and you go to bed, stuff starts creeping into your brain. Then you start to hear little noises. Before you know it, things go from zero to one hundred in about five seconds when you think there is a legitimate ghost in your hallway. In a panic, you rush to turn the lights on and then they stay on until dawn.

7) When most people under 30 don’t really know how to write a check.
It’s not our fault. Some of our parents didn’t teach us this skill, and the schools surely didn’t either. Therefore, until something actually requires a check such as a rent deposit, many of us have no idea how to write a check. It’s like asking us if we know how to play records. Have we seen records? Absolutely. Can we play a record on a record player? Probably after a few tries gone horribly wrong, yes.

8) That terrifying feeling you feel when you think you’ve lost your phone but you’re talking on it.
I have done this at least 25 times in my life. It’s one of the most embarrassing things ever. Have you ever mentioned to the other person on the end of the phone that you’ve lost your phone, too? That’s always a fantastic conversation. “I can’t find my phone,” you’ll say. The other person pauses and says, “You mean the phone you’re talking on right now?” Then it happens. Your eyes widen and you realize how stupid you really look right now. We have all been there, and it’s a sad, sad place.

9) You have a clean laundry pile you dig through for your clothes.

Nobody wants to admit to the clean laundry pile because it’s ridiculous. One, it just proves that you’re a lazy person who refuses to fold the laundry. Two, it’s kind of ridiculous to admit to somebody that the clothes you are wearing right now you dug out of a laundry pile like you were trying to mine coal. It’s just the worst.

10) When you pretend to know something in a conversation because you feel left out and then someone puts you on the spot and you instantly regret saying anything.

Our egos are at fault in this one. Have you ever been in a conversation where everyone seems to be in the loop except for you? Then you decide to do something after being ignored for a while and you chime in with something you heard about the subject two years ago on a snippet of the news that you weren’t even really paying attention too. Yeah, worst mistake of your life. Ultimately, someone will end up asking you about what you know about the subject, which is nothing. So you have three all equally horrible options to choose from. 1) Admit you were just trying to small talk and have no idea what’s happening. 2) Lie. Keep lying until it sounds like you sound legitimate. 3) Politely excuse yourself and walk away. Every option will end in disaster. I promise. Just don’t open your mouth next time.

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