When you think about it, everyone has these things in their home. 

People are creatures of habit, and some of those habits are straight-up strange. Have you ever noticed that when you visit someone else's home, they have some of the same habits you do? Where did it all begin? Below is a list that I guarantee everyone can check more than one thing on.

Do you have these things in your home?

1. Junk drawer.
What's in it? No one really knows. But, bet your bottom dollar if you need something, check the junk drawer. Screw drivers, scissors, tape, stamps...it's all in the junk drawer.

2. Bra doorknob.
Maybe only ladies can relate to this, but I'm always relived to know I'm not alone in the act of hanging my bras on my closet doorknob. Do bras ever really go in a drawer?

3. Liquor shelf.
For me, the "shelf" is really just the top of my fridge, right beside my bread basket. Maybe some of you *fanicer* people have a liquor cabinet, but for us common folks, the top of the fridge is the liquor/wine shelf.

4. Bag of bags.
Literally just a grocery bag full of other grocery bags. Why? Nobody knows. I use them for smaller trashcans, like in the bathroom. It's like recycling but not really.

5. Basket of old prescriptions.
Need amoxicillin? Here's a basket of 14 other amoxicillin prescriptions you never finished. Eventually, you'll have a fully functioning pharmacy.

6. Stack of mail.
It honestly keeps growing and is rarely ever looked at. Maybe once a month it gets sorted through and thrown away, but 90% of the time it's just a table decoration.

7. Under-the-cabinet cleaner stash.
Who decided to keep household cleaners under the sink? Nobody knows, but that's where everyone keeps them.

8. DVD/CD display.
Do you ever actually sit down and watch DVDs nowadays? Maybe every now and then, but that doesn't stop us from displaying all 17,000 of our DVDs for the world to see.

9. A catch-all.
This is like the displayed version of the junk drawer. Mine sits on my coffee table and consists of pacifiers, TV remotes, chap stick, ponytails, and other miscellaneous items.

10. A sauce section in the fridge.
A collection of restaurants sauces in your fridge. I've got Taco Bell sauce, Papa Johns dips, and a handful of random soy sauces. I can honestly say I rarely even use the sauces unless I'm eating something from that restaurant and run out.


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