Songs have a tendency to slither their way into our brains and grab ahold, like a hook-worm. I wonder if that's why they call catchy songs "earworms"? Anyway, though there are a TON of songs that get stuck in our heads on a daily basis these are the top ten:

1) Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Cause you really can't shake, shake, shake, shake, shake this tune off, tune off!

2) Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
All we have to hear is, "Hey, I just met you..." and there's no going back.

3) Macarena - Los Del Rio
Even though it was the dance that was so addictive in the 90's, the song is still catchy AF!

4) Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go-go
I'm not sure what's more mesmerizing - the song or George Michael's hair in this video.

5) Europe - The Final Countdown
All it takes is that first, high-pitched bah-na-na-na and our brains are hooked.

6) Beyonce - Single Ladies
I'm not sure what's more addictive - the song or that dance!

7) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
There's a reason they call it being "Rick-rolled", ladies and gents.

8) DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith - The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air
INNNN West Philadelphia, born and raised...

9) Barenaked Ladies - One Week
Even though we don't know most of the words to this song, it doesn't keep the parts we do know from getting stuck in our heads constantly.

10) Journey - Don't Stop Belivin'
Everyone on the planet knows, loves, and repeats this song over and over again in their heads as it goes on and on and on somewhere in the night...

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