Why are dads the way they are? You know what I'm talking about - everybody can spot a dad. From dad bods to dad jokes, dads always embarrass us by doing crazy things. Here are 10 of the silliest things that only dads do:

1) Making everything - EVERY. THING. - into a game.
Dads have a tendency to try and make things more fun. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's just a trainwreck. For example, turning picking up into an impromptu game of toy basketball is good...on the other hand, trying to jump into your pants with both legs at the same time is a bad idea. (True story, my husband did that. I wouldn't advise it.)

2) Doing embarrassing things in public.
Every dad likes to think he is the cool dad. I hate to burst your bubble dad, but you're not the cool dad. Dancing in the aisle at the grocery store is not cool. Putting on Halloween masks and throwing up made up gang signs is also a dad no-no. Stop embarrassing us, dad!

3) Eating cold leftovers for breakfast.
Dads, especially if left to their own devices, frequently will just eat cold leftovers for breakfast and feed them to the kids too. Why? Laziness? Cravings? The world may never know the answer.

4) Let kids run absolutely wild.
Dads are notorious for letting kids run around crazy completely oblivious to what is happening around them. Unless a kid is bleeding or dead, dad doesn't notice - and sometimes not even then. Just kidding! Most parents would notice if their kids were dead at some point. Whether it takes the parent one second or one day to notice is the difference.

5) They tell awful dad jokes.
Don't you just love dad jokes? Yeah, no one else really does either but we grin and bear it just the same.

6) Lounge in their underwear.
Growing up, did you ever have to make sure your dad wasn't in just a pair of boxer shorts before you told your friends it was okay to come over? Dads love to be comfortable and we know this from watching them walk around in public in washed out 80's shorts and Crocs, but does it have to come at the expense of their children's pride? I think not!

7) Accuse a video game (or a kid competitor) of cheating while losing.
Some dads are gamers and some aren't, but if your dad is a gamer you'll know it. My dad repeatedly used to accuse our SEGA Genesis of cheating when he was losing a game. You know, they handle it all sportsmanlike!

8) The pull-my-finger routine.
I don't believe I even need to explain this one because we've ALL heard this one...

9) Grilling, whether he does a good job or a terrible job.
Most dads grill and they grill whether they are good or bad at it. I don't know what it is about grilling slabs of meat that get dads fired up, but something about it sure does.

10) Breaking wind and then blaming it on their kid.
The last and one of the worst silly things only dads do is fart in public and then blame their kid. I have seen kids fall victim to this and I've been the victim of this. Heck, my children are victims of the old fart-then-blame-the-kid routine because of my husband! Well, guess what, dads? Kids and moms are onto you!

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