While skimming through a drugstore website recently I discovered that they sell a lot more than what you might imagine.  I was searching for games when I came across an item that made me think, "What?  This place doesn't sell this.  This must be a mistake!" Alas, I was wrong.  They did indeed sell it.  So out of curiosity, because you know I couldn't stop there after my little discovery, I started to search the craziest things I could think of.  Here are some of the most unusual and outrageous things I found out that drugstore websites sell!

1) Keychain Breathalyzers and Home Drug Testing Kits
While not exactly outrageous items, still unusual. I understand the use for home drug testing kits I suppose but a breathalyzer key chain? Is this one of those deals where you carry it to just confirm you're too drunk to drive even though you clearly already know because of your symptoms? This breathalyzer on a key chain just seems like a bad idea to me.

2) Fuzzy Handcuffs
Well, in case you need to restrain yourself or your partner while remaining fashionable you can order these online at some of the biggest drugstore websites in the nation. Have fun?

3) Pheromone Attractant Cologne Spray
This just cracks me up. I imagine the slogan must be something like this: In case you can't attract a partner on personality and looks alone, boost your chances with pheromone spray! I can't even...

4) Edible Heart-shaped Body Pasties
In the event that Fruit Roll-up cut outs won't suffice, national drugstore websites have heart-shaped edible body pasties ready at your disposal...or consumption. Either way, a little bit of body candy never hurt anybody.

5) An Array of Personal Items For Your Pleasure
While I'm obligated to get the point across here, I'm actually not allowed to go into the specific items that are sold on the drug store websites regarding this subject because they're considered too raunchy for this audience. Therefore, just type "sex" into the search bar and see what comes up if you're one of the raunchy, daring types that read this. It does not disappoint. Preview: "Clone-A-Willy" is a phrase that 'pops' up.

6) Aphrodisiac Supplements
Horny Goat Weed capsules are what I'm referencing here in particular. I think the name speaks for itself in this instance.

7)Body pH Testing Tape
Evidently, body pH testing tape is a test that measures the pH balance of your body. Specifically, it measures the pH of your saliva and urine. Supposedly, you're able to take the results of the test and then re-adjust your body's pH through a recommendation of changes to eating habits and through consuming special teas. This just leaves me asking one thing: What?

8) Fantasy Role Play Outfits
By fantasy role play outfits, I don't mean Halloween costumes. Just put your imagination to work and whatever you come up with is probably close to what you can find on these sites.

9) Adjustable Weighted Vest
Not that an adjustable weighted vest is all that outrageous itself, but it's a weird thing for a drugstore to sell. What are you doing with this weighted vest? Running? Working out? Self-torture? Whatever it is, buying it from a drugstore website is weird.

10) Games of a Carnal Nature
From Kama Sutra games to sex dice, drugstores are taking advantage of the sex games market, y'all. It's just business.

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