Having trouble coming up with gift ideas for your lady love this Valentine's Day? Check out this awesome list of less-conventional gifts for your gal!

1) Romance Cards
Romance cards are a sexy gift, for both your special lady friend and you! Romance cards generally have one special romantic gesture each written on them for the lady to use at her discretion throughout the year. The most attractive thing about them is the idea that she can use them whenever she feels like spending an intimate moment together and you are supposed to submit to her desire. Just go with it.

2) 100 Things You Love About Her

Write short, sweet and to the point things you love about your lady. Then cut those sentiments into small rectangles, about the size of a fortune cookie fortune, fold them up and put them into a glass jar. Decorating the jar is optional, but the idea is that when your sweet beloved is needing an emotional pick me up, she can reach into the jar and read one thing you adore about her. This one simple phrase has the ability to change her whole day.

3) A Professional Massage
Ladies love to get rest and relaxation. Almost nothing is better for a full tension reliever than a professional full body massage. Get your lady a massage, and she'll be refreshed and grateful to have you in her life.

4) Food from the Heart
Women love food. Especially food from the heart. Break out the cook book or your mom's old home recipes and make her a meal or a treat she'll remember forever. Package it nicely, and add some ambiance and you've got the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

5) A Clean House
Clean her house. It doesn't matter if you do it, or you hire someone to do it, as long as it gets spic and span. Taking some of the burden off of your lady so she can enjoy the rest of Valentine's Day stress-free with you is a fantastic gift.

6) Record Player
For a lady who loves music, a record player is something you almost can't go wrong with. The feel of the vintage records between her fingers and the smell of the old, musty sleeves will transport her to a place of pure delight. Don't forget to play a few slow songs on the new gift so you can have a few romantic dances to top off the night!

7) Spa Gift Card
There is almost nothing that compares to a day at the spa. Facials, relaxation, and rejuvenation. What else could a woman want?

8) Instant Camera
Instant photo cameras are a great vintage gift for Valentine's Day! What better way to commemorate Valentine's Day than capturing your truest moments in real time with a vintage Polaroid?

9) Themed Journals
Themed journals can be a fabulous gift. Journal's aren't just thick books of blank paper anymore. There are many kinds of themed journals to go along with your lady friend's interests, such as mindfulness journals, grateful journals, and even yoga journals! A place for your lady to let her creativity blossom alongside her deepest interests can be a very touching gift.

10) Baby Succulents
If your lady is into nature or just tiny cute things, baby succulents are the perfect gift! Easy to take care of, beautiful, and healthy for you in numerous ways, succulents are a gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

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