With Halloween next Wednesday, abnd the Monster Mash Bash weekend going on this weekend your time frame for finding a Halloween costume is slowly closing, and some of us just don't have $50 to drop on that costume at the costume store that we all want.  So no need to worry, I have found some last minute (not too expensive!) costume ideas for you!


1) Where's Waldo.

(Flicker User: methodshop)

This costume shouldn't be too hard, just find a red and white striped beanie, and shirt.  If you're really creative you could actually buy some fabric and sew these items.  But if you're like me and can't sew, you can always buy a white shirt, and white hat, some red spray paint.  Duct tape off where you want the white lines to be and spray paint the rest red.  BAM quick and easy Where's Waldo! (Cane is optional!)

2) Zombie bride or prom goer

(Flickr User: moggsoceanlane)

All you have to do is go to Goodwill or any thrift store of your choice, find an old prom dress or wedding dress, buy some fake blood from Walmart use scissors, cut up the dress, throw some fake blood on it, and then just put on some crazy zombie style make up and some fake blood on your face. Quick, easy, and cheap!

3) 90's kid

(Saved By The Bell Official Facebook Page)

Get some mom jeans, a scrunchie, and some big gaudy earrings.  You could wear a sweat shirt, or just a bright colored shirt, and don't forget your Keds! Fanny pack is optional.

4) 80's kid

(Flickr User: pinksherbet)

You could wear leggings, leg warmers, If you're feeling crazy a tutu, add some Nikes, and a big sloppy sweatshirt with the neckline cut out so it hangs off your shoulder. Remember the brighter the color the better! Tease your hair, and don't forget the aqua net!

5) Rosie the Riveter

(Flickr User: midgro22)

A red bandana (or red polka dot bandana if you can find one), a denim button down shirt, and an attitude.

6) The Red Bull Space Jump Guy

Red Bull Official Facebook Page

If you have a spare helmet in your garage use that (it doesn't have to be a space helmet like Felix's those are very expensive..)  Wear a helmet, some white pants and a white jacket.  You could slap some Red Bull stickers on the jacket (or if you don't have red bull stickers, print the logo out on the computer, then cut it out and tape it to the jacket) Then wear a backpack.  You get extra points if you have a parachute.

7) Crazy Cat Lady

(Flickr User: edenpictures)

Buy a robe or grandma-esque dress from a thrift store or walmart, wear slippers, and buy plenty of stuffed cats.  Affix the stuffed cats to your robe.  A grey wig or that spray color you can get at costume stores, and some big glasses wouldn't hurt either.

8) Go 'Gangnam Style'


This one has more options, but one of my favorite people on YouTube Kandee Johnson made a video of all the things you'd need to look like Psy! Here's the video:

9) Bob Ross


You could buy a big brown afro wig, a button down shirt, brown pants, and a paint brush.  You could take a piece of cardboard and cut it out to look like a paint palette, and then if you feel crazy you could use a marker to add the colors to the paint palette or actually paint little circles of different colors on it.  You get bonus points if you can get a friend to dress up as a tree and smile a lot, and have them be your "happy tree" that you've painted.

10) A Ghostbuster

(Ghostbuster Official Facebook Page)


Grab some khaki pants, and a khaki colored button down shirt, and some black shoes.  Put a black backpack on (stuffed with pillows or something to make it full) stick your vaccuum hose in the backpack, and hold the other end in your hand.  You can put Ghostbuster stickers on your shirt or print some logos out online and tape them on! Don't forget a tool belt.