Throughout the lifespan of many rock and metal bands, some have harbored an absurd number of legendary musicians. We count down the 10 Bands With the Largest Number of Legendary Members in this Loud List!

The term “legend” is fairly subjective when it comes to musicians. The rockers we chose to honor as legends have helped create essential pieces of music for the bands included, along with other outside projects. Musicians also had to put in a decent amount of time with the act to be counted. For example, Alex Skolnick isn’t counted in Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band since the Testament shredder only performed one show with the Prince of Darkness.

Even the most exclusive clubs can have revolving doors. Though lineup changes for a band like Black Sabbath have been frequent, many replacements have maintained the metal blueprinters’ status. Ronnie James Dio represents the apex of this, keeping Sabbath alive and innovative after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure.

The genre of thrash is rife with spectacular inbreeding. Drummers like Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan have manned the kit on a mountain of groundbreaking releases. Hoglan has been especially prolific, playing with iconic acts like Death, Testament, Dark Angel, Dethklok, Devin Townsend and many more.

Check out our picks for the 10 Bands With the Largest Number of Legendary Members!

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