We are all guilty of it. Watching Netflix for hours, or even days, straight. We wanted to know, what have you been watching on Netflix lately?


My favorite thing about Netflix is the documentaries & Netflix has SO MANY to choose from! One of my favorites is 'Disappeared.' But I have watched all of the

Kat Mykals

I am obsessed with Netflix! We recently subscribed again after taking a little break and I have been watching daily. In fact, I don't remember the last show that I watched in real time on my television. Two weekends ago I started Orange is the New Black, and finished it over the course of the weekend. My next obsession started last when trying to find something to watch to fill the void left by the final episode of OITNB. In comes Weeds. Incidentally, created/produced by the same person. Last weekend I took a brief break from Weeds so I could watch Season 2 of Once Upon a Time with my daughter. Binged watched that bad-boy in three days! Now I am back to watching Weeds every night. Currently, I am on Season 4 and loving it!

The Rob

I actually got Netflix originally to specifically binge watch television shows. My first binge was the first 5 seasons of Saturday Night Live, and I WOULD still be watching them had those jerk faces not pulled many of the old seasons off of the service. After that, I wanted to see what all of the hubbub was about with The Walking Dead. So I started binge watching that, fell in love hard and fast, and then I caught up to the current season and don't need to watch it on Netflix anymore.

My girlfriend and I watched every episode of Orange is the New Black, now we're anxiously awaiting Season 2. And while technically not on Netflix, I have a box-set of every episode of Full House. We started watching New Year's Day, and we're already on Disc 13!