Thanks to my friend Laura for sharing a link on Facebook, I now am in the know on a great way to shop for great styles while saving major buck and now you can be in the know too!

It is no secret that I don't like to pay full price for anything. If it's not on sale or at a discount price, I am not interested. I work hard for my money, and I would rather spend it on other things besides clothes & shoes, but I also want to look good. Sometimes that can be a difficult thing to accomplish on a budget so I often thrift shop at second hand or consignment stores. I'll let someone else take the initial sticker shock of that really great dress, and then I will pick it up at an unbelievable price after they've worn it once and are tired of it.

Imagine my surprise today when I saw that my friend Laura had shared a link and I realized that it is an online second hand shop! Not only can you buy gently worn items, but you can sell yours too! I'm talking Women's sizes, Junior's sizes... even Kid's sizes! And there are accessories too! Shoes, bags, scarves... the list goes on! Here are a few of the great finds I saw while I was perusing


Those are some really great savings! I cannot wait to do some online shopping and maybe even get rid of a few things that are taking up space in my closet! You can find thredUp online here, and all you need to get started is an email address! Happy Shopping!

♥ Kat