A local inventor, Lee Willingham, has created a wonderful alternative to rawhides and real bones for your dog. The Bulli Bone is a nylon chew bone, but what sets this dog chew apart from the rest is the way that it's made. Rather than spraying the bone with beef flavoring, that quickly wears off, Lee's Bulli Bone has the flavoring all the way through thanks to the innovative process that Lee uses to produce them. They also have a very creative design that allows your dog to have a handle that Lee calls "Paw Pads."

With the help of YOUR vote through Walmart's "Get On The Shelf" program, you could be seeing the Bulli Bone on a Walmart shelf near you! First round voting ends April 3rd, and you can vote once EVERY DAY between now and then. What is TRULY AWESOME is that for every Bulli Bone that Lee sells, a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the ASPCA as well as LOCAL animal rescue, Bullie Nation! Bullie Nation Rescue, currently has 3 litters of puppies that are battling Parvovirus (a nasty puppy illness with an 80% fatality rate), and this could really make a big difference for this organization. If you would like to make a direct donation to help out the puppies battling Parvo, you can make a donation here.

Check out the Bulli Bone, and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!